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    RED CROSS CANADA - APPEAL Donate to BC Floods & Extreme Weather Appeal Click/Cliquez https://donate.redcross.ca/page/94172/donate/1?locale=en-CA&_gl=1*wejzgt*_ga*MTc2MzgzNDkxMy4xNjM3MjUzMDE0*_ga_376D8LHM0R*MTYzNzI1MzAxMy4xLjEuMTYzNzI1MzI2Mi4w&_ga=2.267810701.2014428261.1637253014-1763834913.1637253014 _self
    Nouvelle traduction du Missel Romain Disponible maintenant (2021-11-17) Cliquez https://esubmitit.sjpg.com/cccb/index.aspx?component=ProductDetails&id=181-525 _self
    Dcn Sloboda 12 Nov 2021 Click/Cliquez /ordination _self
    Memo - CAF / Vaccination / Mémo - FAC Q&A and Section on Conscientious Objection // Q&R et section sur l'objection de conscience (Photo: Aviator Lanny Jellicoe, Garrison Imaging Petawawa) Click/Cliquez /qa-qr _self
    Action Platform Laudato Si - Pledge Your Commitment Click /environment-environnement _self
    Plateforme d'initiative Laudato Si - Prendre l'engagement Cliquez /environment-environnement _self
    Consultation pour le Synode (ORDMIL) 17 Oct 21 - 15 Jan 22 - Voir la section des documents pour plus d'information Cliquez /synod-2023-synode _self
    Synod Consultation (MILORD) 17 Oct 21 - 15 Jan 22 - See document Section for info Click /synod-2023-synode _self
    Bridge of Roses - Film The Story of our Lady of the Cape Click https://companionscross.org/bridge-of-roses/ _self
    À lire - le Missel Romain 2021 Revue Vivre et Célébrez (P-E 2021) Cliquez https://www.cccb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/243-244-vetc_printemps_ete_2021.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0qdDVQF11QiNBX69kVJ6XviEHxe6MPCPKxD9ssSUy4hNyUfNefxZya0Is _self
    Delegation Information Pastoral Scene VIDEO: Archbishop Smith talks about upcoming Indigenous Delegation to Rome. The delegation departs from Canada on December 14th, and will return on the 21st. While in Rome, the Pope will grant three distinct one-hour private audiences with the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit delegates respectively. These will be followed by a fourth encounter with the entire group, at which other Indigenous people from Canada will be present. Click/Cliquez https://caedm.ca/PastoralScene/entryid/984/video-archbishop-smith-talks-about-upcoming-indigenous-delegation-to-rome _self
    Information about Residential Schools Click/cliquez /diocesan-indigenous-initiatives _self