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    Celebrating the diversity of Catholic femininity, one woman's story at a time.

    The Feminine Genius:
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    Article - NCR by Jean Ko Din (2019) about the Podcast. Click HERE
    Rachel Wong’s experience at Vancouver Co-op Radio and the CBC has helped her launch her own podcast for Catholic women

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  • Resume of the Amazon Synod (CNS)

  • Celebrating Women Leaders (CE)

  • Women Leadership (Aquinas Ctr)

  • Call to Action (UN)

  • The Catholic View of Marriage and Family (SW)

  • Edith Stein - Saint for 21st Century (SW)

  • Catherine of Sienna (TFG)

  • Forum 2021

    The GIVEN Forum is designed to help young adult Catholic women with a heart for mission and an aptitude for leadership identify their particular gifts and find practical pathways to put them in the service of the Gospel. 

    Click on image for Info for Upcoming 2021 Forum Coming Soon (USA location)

  • Conference

    Undone - Women's Conference

    Click on image for Info for Upcoming 2021 Conference Coming Soon (USA location with livestream available)