Recruitment - Recruitement

  • Process - Procédure

    Pope St John Paul II said that “there is no place in the priesthood or religious life for those who would harm the young.” Bishops and Religious Superiors have “a specific responsibility for assuring a proper discernment of vocation. 

    • A candidate who wishes to enroll in the CAF as a catholic military chaplain must be selected by RCChS, endorsed by the Interfaith Committee of Canadian Military Chaplaincy (ICCMC), and meet the enrollment requirements of the DND/CAF 

    As a summary the process usually follows these steps:

    the applicant must submit the relevant documentation to the Regional Recruitment Ctr or Detachment (RRC/RRD);
    The file is then forwarded to the Director of Chaplain Services 2-2 (DChapSvcs 2-2);
    The File is presented to the relevant ICCCM Rep for Endorsement in this case the Ordinary;
    The file is reviewed by MILORD vocation committee;
    The candidate is endorsed or not endorsed by the Ordinary with an approval or not of the ICCMC Faith Representative;
    If successful, the file is sent back to DChapSvcs 2-2;
    In due course the candidate would be received an invitation to the Chaplain Selection Board under the auspice of the Office of the Chaplain General (OCG);
    If successful, the applicant would then **proceed to the CFRC or RRC/RRD for basic eligibility and entry standards as defined by DND/CAF;
    If successful and upon enrollment all chaplains are evaluated for Pay Incentive (PI) which is granted in accordance with Director Pay and Policy Development (DND);
    Note 1: There is no guarantee that even if the ecclesiastical requirements are met that a candidate may proceed and succeed to fulfil the DND/CAF requirements.
    The candidate would then proceed on a Basic Training List (BTL) and Basis Officer Training Course (BOTC)

    The posting location would either be before or after assignment to the BTL as recommended by DirChapOps to Chief of Military Personnel – Career Cell
    Note 2: MILORD is consulted but the Ordinary is not the final authority on the posting or assignment at the location.
  • Requirements for MILORD Endorsement

    This is mandatory for any active chaplain wishing to do ministry in MILORD/RCCHs/DND/CAF
    (RegF, ResF, Civ-O, Cadet)

    A Criminal Record Check

    A Vunerable Sector Check

    A Letter of Good Standing

    Proof of certification in regards to any courses followed concerning the 
    protection of minors and vulnerable person

    A Permission letter (for Cleric) to be release from their incardinated diocese for a period of time to MILORD for work in DND/CAF

    Release from the incardinated diocese of ALL relevant information on the clerics

    On 'Loan' - Agreement to Return to Respective Diocese after end of DND/CAF Contract

    Once the chaplain is employed by DND/CAF and succesfully meet the requirements MILORD will request: 

    An Oath of Fidelity;

    A Profession of Faith;

    Online Course via CCCP call ''Commit to Kids'';

    Acknowledgement and signature of the MILORD Code of Pastoral Conduct;

    Acknowledgement and signature of the Policy in regards to protection of minors and vulnerable persons.

    Once receive MILORD will the issue the ecclesiastical mandate and faculties related to the Faith Tradition ministry to CF members, their families and DND team