• Sunday Eucharist Celebration:  Mass will be at 0900 hrs.

    Weekday Eucharist Celebration: Mass is at 1100 hrs every Tue and Thur.

    Baptisms: CAF members should contact the Roman Catholic Faith Community Coordinator (FCC) at least two months prior to the desired baptism date. Baptisms are normally done during Sunday masses. Make sure that everything is confirmed with the FCC before any travel plans or reception bookings are made.

    Marriages: You must contact the FCC RC at least 6 months in advance the proposed wedding date, more if either partner has been married before. This amount of time is required to complete the paperwork and to allow the couple to take a marriage preparation course. The marriage preparation course is mandatory. No exceptions. 

    Reconciliation:  By appointment. The Church asks to receive the sacrament at least once a year. (Can.  989 After having reached the age of discretion, each member of the faithful is obliged to confess faithfully his or her grave sins at least once a year.) (Can.  988 §2. It is recommended to the Christian faithful that they also confess venial sins.) For individual sacrament of Reconciliation, you can request it to the priest before or after mass or any time during the week days at his office.