Social Justice - Justice Sociale

  • Kerygma

    This duty and right of God’s people to proclaim and defend actively the dignity of the human person

    The new Code of Canon Law (747 §2) speaks clearly about this obligation and right:

    “It is in the Church’s competence to proclaim the moral principles of the social order in all times and places and to make judgments on all human matters, when this is demanded by the fundamental rights of human beings or the salvation of souls.” Today in the preaching and action of the Church, this proclamation has happily an outstanding place.

    Ce devoir et ce droit du peuple de Dieu à proclamer et à défendre activement la dignité de la personne humaine

    Le nouveau Code de droit canonique (747 §2) parle clairement de cette obligation et de ce droit :

    "Il est de la compétence de l'Église de proclamer les principes moraux de l'ordre social en tout temps et en tout lieu et de porter des jugements sur toutes les questions humaines, lorsque cela est exigé par les droits fondamentaux des êtres humains ou le salut des âmes". Aujourd'hui, dans la prédication et l'action de l'Église, cette proclamation occupe heureusement une place de choix.

  • Racism 

    Racism still profoundly affects our culture, and it has no place in the Christian heart. This evil causes great harm to its victims, and it corrupts the souls of those who harbor racist or prejudicial thoughts.

    Much like the coronavirus pandemic, racism is a “spiritual” virus that has spread throughout the world and must be eradicated, said Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (CNS)

    We cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life.
    (Pope Francis)

    This truth is for us the bedrock and foundation of all human dignity. To violate it is an offence against God Himself and against the sacredness of life. 

    Today we reiterate our commitment to ensure that no member of the 
    Defense Team should feel unwelcome in a room, workshop, drill hall, ship or airfield within National Defence or in the CAF
    (JV, CDS)